Faith-Based Recovery

The Next Step in Becoming Free of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Faith-Based Recovery
When someone completes the first stage of recovery from addiction to alcohol or drugs, what’s the next step?
New Vision Recovery offers the answer with a faith-based recovery program and Sober Living Homes for women and men.
A New Vision Recovery Sober Living Home provides a place to live and a variety of tools to help residents open a window on a new life, alcohol-free and drug-free.
We believe that addiction is a threefold disease—spiritual, physical, and mental.
At New Vision Recovery Sober Living Homes, we show men and women how to work on all three areas. New Vision utilizes the wisdom of 12-Step programs. Developed over nearly three quarters of a century, 12-Step programs aid recovery from addiction. New Vision Recovery’s faith-based approach to life provides a solid base for recovery growing out of the 12 Steps.
Together, the 12-Step and faith-based parts of the New Vision Recovery program underlie our goal of meeting or exceeding national long-term recovery success rates. At a New Vision Recovery Sober Living Home, residents are shown day-to-day living skills. These skills facilitate their successful re-entry into the community as responsible citizens.
Many alcoholics and addicts are convinced they can defeat drug or alcohol addiction by themselves. But trying to end an addiction without a strong faith and a structured recovery program can be frustrating. Programs and services offered through New Vision can help them avoid relapses.
In a New Vision Sober Living Home, living and working in harmony with others is a vital part of recovering together.

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